Who the Fu*k is Nani Roma?

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You don’t get a chance, that often, to hang out with the world class athlete and champion like Nani Roma is.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell i’ll remind you, Nani Roma  is one of the most fearsome competitors in off-road racing and he won famous Dakar Rally two times, once on a motorbike and in 2014 in a Mini X raid car!

Not so long ago, he visited Belgrade, thanks to Monster energy, presented his new MINI X raid vehicle to press and selected invitees and we got an exclusive chance to do some amazing photos and to chat with this amazing guy. Besides that he is spanish, very cool and laid back, he is a charismatic easy going guy with great energy and down to earth attitude. And he is a true inspiration, an example of a guy who enjoys doing what he loves, and he is best at it. That’s why he was a perfect fit for our “WHO DA FU*K IS ” section.

It’s not easy to catch this man for an interview or photo shoot , since he is all the time “spinning” around the globe or riding the most demanding races in the world, but this time we did get some interesting questions answered just for the fans and readers of Hiishii photo :)


1. One thing was the chase for the victory, but now that you won the Dakar rally, what keeps you going, what are your new goals? Motivation?
Always work and fight for victories. Every race means a new challenge. Now we work again with a new motivation and we try everything to win again. The next year we’ll have extra motivation with the arrival of new brand as well…

2. What if your car gets broken in the middle of the race, and there’s no one to help you? How do you fix that monster machine and keep going?
The Minis never get broken in the dunes! But if really something happen we have some tools and spareparts in the car. But during the last three Dakar everything went well

3. What was you longest ( biggest) jump with the car?
The jump at Dubai after the Rally during photo shooting. This was for sure one of my biggest jumps

MINI ALL 4 Racing
Photo: Monster media

4. Have you ever tumbled with the Mini X-Raid? Ever got hurt?
Two years ago I made some nice rolling, but I was never injuries or suffered scratches

5. If you could go anywhere and drive the Mini X Raid, where would you go and why?‎
To any Desert of the world because is great driving the MINI in the middle of the desert where is full of sand. The you can feel the whole potential of the car. The MINI is build for the desert and it´s a hell lot of fun driving there.

6. Is there some vehicle that you would like to try or have and ride it?
I’m so happy with my Mini, but all the racing cars are my dream.

7. How many km do you have in your driving career?
It’s a great question, I never calculate exactly, but thinking about it must be around 200.000km after ten years and other 200.000km riding a Rally bike.

8. How is the feeling riding the car in the middle of nowhere on sand dunes, in that video with jay Leno it reminds us of free-riding on snow?
It’s a fantàstic sensation! Really emotional, I enjoy a lot on this type of free –riding.

9. Ok at one point you have to pee during the 8H race, which is the best solution?
Is to be prepared for the worst!

10. What is your favourite non driving activity, which you do in your free time?
Bicycle and motorbike

11. When you are home, driving the regular car, are you a crazy driver? :) Do your friends scream when they ride with you? :)
They like racing but at the right places. Together with my friends I enjoy the terrain and the free time.

12. Do you ever let you wife drive? :)
No! okay sometimes. We both like driving.

13. If you could change with anyone for a day, who would you be?
‎It’s difficult for me, I’ve no free days to change…I’ve a wonderful life!

14. What after? When you are done with the races and all the action?

Fiirst the family and friends, Later I don’t know what can give me similar feelings. In the future‎ I’d like to remain involved in racing, but also explore other worlds

15. Do you think you have lived you dream?
Yes, of course and I continue dreaming every morning when I wake up.

Cheers ;)


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