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We had an amazing day doing this photo shoot and interview with Toma, maybe it’s because of his incredible energy, or it came from all the fun we had  doing these crazy white powder effects in real time. I don’t want to talk much about how much trouble we had to control the “white stuff” and to get the perfect setting, since the photos turned out pretty great. My idea here is to present you TOMA, our probably oldest but coolest Bmx flat rider… Here is the interview :

"Master of T-500"

Hey man, tell us who are you? 
My name is Dejan Tomic, a.k.a. Toma….I’m from Belgrade, Serbia and I ride flatland….well…. for 15 years.

What’s up in Serbia? 
Chillin’, I live extreme sports (call them what you want..) , all of my friends are in some kind of sports, so I have plenty of opportunities to try something, feel something new…talk about something (sport-wise)… beside that, Belgrade is known by kicks-ass night life..so I do my best to stay up to date with it, as well….

We heard you are a double trouble (BMX flat and Freestyle ATV). So are you? 
Ohh, yeah…I’m rockin two boats, since 5 years ago…Now, I’m known as Toma ATV also .. Quad ride is something completely different from BMX (especially flatland discipline), but I find myself in it also…..huge gaps, full speed, powerslides…and always sideways!

Ok since you are “rocking” on both sides, which you like the best? 
BMX is me, Quad is just my adventure in an “adult world” (people get you serious when you sporting a helmet)..hahhaha..kiddin’ Flatland is my sport, and now is my life. Although, I’m old for that now (am I?), everything is still bmx related in my life (yep, still…)

"Ghost rider"

How old are you bro? 
In a month I’ll be 39 years old.

Come again? 
Thirty nine years old, yeah…you heard me right. (LOL)

What is your mojo? What drives you to do all that stuff? 
Geeez, I don’t know really….maybe I forgot to grow up, who knows….BMX itself motivates me..and to have a time beside a job or a “life” to spend an hour or two on a small bike… in my age EXTREME is to find a time to ride bike…it’s not a progression.. (laugh)

Who does your hair? 
Dunno…I keep it simple…short or a Mohawk (time to time)…feels OK after I put down my helmet or New Eras

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
I live that…NOW…. And to tell you the truth…I Didn’t realize that…I just became “Jedi”.

What are the favourite, impossible and best looking tricks in Bmx flat for you? 
I’m an old school….Dylan Worsley’s that X footed gliding pedalin’ gerator thing (Ask Effraim for the name), Sean McKinney’s “Crow nest, and all from Martti Kuoppa (he’s bad ass)

"This picture is on fire"

Which trick makes you feel like a god? And your favourite spot to ride? 
Hewww, brakeless decade (I’m still not aware that I’m actually pullin’ that trick)…I’m kinda old… Favorite spot…for sure..my “flatspot” in Belgrade near Danube river (it’s 15 meters by the river)

How long are you in all this? 
Bike – 15 years Quad – 5 years

Are you superstitious? 
Naaah…… hey, we better back up…there’s a black cat there (laugh)

What would you like more, to do a peddaling time machine or to get million dollars? 
Tough one…. With a million I will have a plenty of time to practice a time machine…But, when you seen statistic: I’ll learn a Time machine before million on my account…so let’s be honest…

Favourite bike and clothing company? 
Suelo, KHE, Zion bikes, Odyssey, and for the clothing DC and Fox

And favourite bmx riding friends or idols?
My flat crew – Mire, Nikola and Viktor. I am old for idols…. And since I started riding BMX a little late, never had one.

Tell us about your worst hangover? 
Hahahha, you know that I don’t drink..BUT, tell that to the people in the club. I get “drunk” from the music, and dancing and chillin’ all night long with my friends. So if you ask someone from a side – he’ll swear to God that I’m toasted… funny.

Best bmx website? Place where you feed your brains? 
No joke, my bookmark: FAT BMX, flatmatters online, Ride BMX, Vital bmx, then some others…

" Strike the pose "

" Baaaaaam ! "

Name 3 things in your head right now! 
We finally arranged our New Year/snowboard trip to Slovenia (10+ of us, so it IS a difficult), girl I love coming in my town in a month, and I stoked to try new indoor spot at my friends garage

Favourite photographer? 
My friends are “exeeeelente” photographers at Hiishii studio/www.hiishii.com – Katarina and Urosh

And what about the girls? How are they doing ? Are they really so pretty over there? 
Ahhh, girls in Belgrade are sooo cute. Don’t believe me? Ask Brad Simms next time you see him.. (laugh)

Who do you want to thank for years of support, next to mom and dad? 
My friends for support and believing….. without them, I would lose inspiration for fun. Thank you and keep pedalin’. Cheers.


Interview by Katarina Batuta (Hiishii photo /www.hiishii.com)
Photos by : hiishii photo / www.hiishii.com/photo


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